About Us

Global Infoventures is #1 software solution provider setting uncompromising standards in quality and reliability. It works with a scientific approach in converging high end technology and innovative ideas to create best possible technology solutions.

Global Infoventures was founded in 2000 with a strong focus on research and development of Technology Products and Solutions for Global Applications.

Global Infoventures has the state of art infrastructure as well as the focus & vision needed to build, implement and maintain large and complex business applications.

Software for University, School, College, Institute - India

Key Components

  • Software for University, School, College, Institute - India
  • Software for University, School, College, Institute - India
  • Software for University, School, College, Institute - India
  • Software for University, School, College, Institute - India
  • Software for University, School, College, Institute - India
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Our Domains


Over 15 years of experience in Education segment having a Customer base of over 70 Institutions in India


Working with Insurance Majors in India


Platform for Energy Management System is going to be launched in US soon

Core Competencies

Cloud-based Product Development

Over the years, we have evolved excellent capabilities for developing cloud-based products. Such applications improve collaboration among dispersed users as they can work from anywhere in the world via smart phones and tablets. Multiple users can also work together virtually, as all the data and applications are available to all users via shared storage.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We operate in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which provides an aggregation of product, its periodic upgrades, third party licenses, implementation methodology, maintenance and support services to our clients.

Turn-key Delivery

Turn-key Delivery includes Infrastructure, Solution, Manpower, Project Management Collaborative Business Services and Digital Identification Technology. Our unique Turn-key Delivery methodology ensures timely implementation with 100% success rate.

Our Products

All our products are Cloud-based hence accessible Anytime-Anywhere in the world. The device independent Responsive Technology allows them to be used on any device - Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones – with equal ease. The products are auto-upgraded to the latest software version and most updated Technology.

Software for University, School, College, Institute - India
AIMS-Pre Admission Solution
Software for University, School, College, Institute - India
Software for University, School, College, Institute - India


Our product development methodology is based on unifying layers of multiple applications over an integrated database working with latest technology resting on world class infrastructure. This unification is embedded in all aspects of products.


Versatile & Intelligent; Scalable Design; End-user oriented design; Intuitive User-friendly interface


Highly secured, world-class R&D Centre; Robust software development methodology


Deployment on Highly secured environment at GI Cloud; Timely deployment with 100% success rate.

Key Features

Global Single Platform

Anytime-Anywhere Access

Responsive Interfaces

Universal and Interactive

All-in-One Mobile App

Digital Identification

Powerful Business Intelligence

Multi-Tier Security

High RoI

Comprehensive Dashboards


  • High on Performance & Productivity
  • Significant Monetary Savings
  • Efficiency

Automation Advantages

  • Digitization
  • Operations Control
  • Proper Record keeping
  • Removal of Manpower Dependency

End-to-End Process Management

Allows you to replace these multiple applications with a single system to automate all your business processes. It gives you all the needed functions to manage educational setup: Since you are using one completely integrated system, all the features are designed to work optimally with the other components, eliminating the need to ever re-enter data. Using one central database, all your employees use the same software. Securely accessing the system from anywhere and at anytime, they are able to do their jobs more effectively. This centralizes the entire business process of an educational organization, yet provides the advantage of decentralized working environment.

Real-time Information Sharing

Data always in sync. Trying to combine information from many different places, and still not being able to access the information you need, is extremely frustrating.

Strategic Decision Making

It provides comprehensive reports and dashboards for agile and accurate decision making. It's performance tracking and analysis tools provides real-time visibility into campaign performance so that one can focus energy on the most effective strategies. G5 is also integrated with the SMS and E-mail server which provides the benefit of providing the right communication to the right audience using right channel.