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Software for Institute Management (S.I.M.) is completely integrated to help you run your entire Educational Institute more efficiently. It allows you to replace multiple and costly applications with one simple and affordable system that automates all your business processes. Using the Client/server Architecture i.e. one central database, all employees use the package more effectively, securely accessing the system from anywhere and at any time.


S.I.M. is based on Pyramidal Organizational Structure which is being followed worldwide. It is designed to effectively inter link and consolidate the complete System Hierarchy from Operational to Strategic level. This not only reduces complexity but also helps in better decision making.

Organization levels

S.I.M. will help you in streamlining the Transaction Process, Managerial Control and Strategic Planning processes of your organization and thus will save your business time and money. It will improve efficiency and productivity of your system and will help your institute grow faster. It is an ideal institutional management solution for any type of educational setup.